Meet our Residents

Where else but Bellagio could an economist, a painter, a poet, and an astrophysicist connect to discuss the solutions needed to address the most pressing issues of our time? The Bellagio Center supports the cross-pollination of ideas and solutions that will unlock the breakthroughs we need for a better future.

In 2022, we welcomed 102 residents to the Bellagio Center. Coming from all over the world and representing a wide cross-section of expertise and cultural experience, our 2022 residents are some of the most ambitious, innovative, and committed leaders of our time. They are scientists and social scientists, making discoveries at the cutting edge of their fields. They are policymakers and nonprofit leaders, re-imagining our institutions to address our present and future challenges. They are practitioners in health, food, finance, climate, and technology, advancing solutions to support those most in need. They are artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, and cultural practitioners, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression to expose injustice and inspire action. And they are now part of Bellagio’s long legacy of connecting leaders who are committed to making opportunity universal and sustainable.

Get to know our most recent Residents cohort below, presented in alphabetical order.

  • For over 60 years, the Bellagio Center has proven that bringing together leaders with different backgrounds is a powerful recipe for innovation. By fostering collaboration, the Center has become the birthplace of countless solutions that have changed the world.
    Sarah Geisenheimer
    Vice President for Innovation, The Rockefeller Foundation