Convenings, Residencies & Networks

Connecting leaders from across the globe to develop high-impact solutions.

The Rockefeller Foundation convenes proximate and influential leaders to collectively unlock solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges so that we extend and multiply our impact in the world.

Through our convenings, residencies, and networks, we foster exchanges between likely and unlikely allies which surface and strengthen solutions and build the partnerships needed to have outsized impact on 21st century challenges.

The Bellagio Center, our hub for this effort, hosts 1,000 people each year through its programs, which include 60 week-long convenings for groups and 120 month-long residencies for individuals. Through its residency program, the Center has sponsored more than 4,000 leaders who have produced novel solutions and inspiring works of art.

In addition to the Bellagio Center, we host convenings around the world, including at our headquarters in New York and our regional offices in Bangkok and Nairobi.

The Bellagio Center

For over 60 years, the Center has supported many meaningful advances through its residency and convening programs, and is globally renowned for fostering cross-cultural and interdisciplinary exchange.

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17 Rooms

Do you have an idea for an international-scale action that would help advance a specific dimension of one of the world’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals? If so, submit your idea for a future 17 Rooms process.

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The Global Women Leaders Network

Advancing gender equality and addressing the world's most pressing challenges.

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