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Who Says You Can’t Solve Climate Change?

At The Rockefeller Foundation, we believe you can make the world better with big bets. That's why we're building a community that brings together emerging leaders with bold solutions for reversing climate change, and empowering them to turn those ideas into reality. Do you have a big idea to change the world? Join us.

Join our community of emerging leaders making big bets to reverse climate change.


What is a Big Bet?

A big bet is a bold, concerted effort to solve a largescale problem ― not just make incremental improvements.

Why do we need Big Bets?

Rising oceans. Soaring temperatures. Raging wildfires. The threats of unchecked climate change are clear.

Why do we need a Big Bets Community?

With the Big Bets Community, The Rockefeller Foundation is looking to support emerging leaders with bold solutions to not just slow the climate crisis, but reverse it.

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Join us.

Are you passionate about combating climate change and eager to be a part of a dynamic community of emerging leaders working on bold solutions? We are building a community tailored just for you.

  • Be part of a community making transformative change.
  • Get access to exclusive resources and support to develop your big bet.
  • Accelerate progress on global challenges and shape a better future.


Are you ready to be a part of the climate solution?

Join the Big Bets Community if:

  • You are an optimist. You don't get consumed by today's cynicism.

  • You think bigger. You focus on what it takes to boldly solve problems.

  • You find fresh, innovative solutions, even ones that are risky.

  • You recruit and retain committed partners, however unlikely they may be.

  • You fiercely learn and persist.

What constitutes a big bet?


    Big bets require finding a new way of thinking or doing things ― often inspired by a technological advance or a novel method for harnessing the know-how, fortunes, and energies of others.


    Big bets require developing broad alliances, often among unlikely partners like government and business, that can summon sufficient resources and diverse capabilities to break through the constraints that so often limit social progress.


    Big bets require following through on measurable outcomes for as long as it takes for people and communities to benefit.

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Big change is possible.

Join the Big Bets Community to connect, learn, and make a positive impact with us.