Accelerating an Inclusive Green Energy Transition

Cost was once a central argument against transitioning from fossil fuels to green energy. Ahead of COP26, this issue of Matter of Impact shows that the turn toward affordable renewable energy has the power to create jobs, transform lives, and make opportunity universal.

Solving Global Challenges with Lasting Impact

Our Mission

We improve lives and the planet, and unleash human potential, through innovation. We are dedicated to the principle that all men and women – dignified and resilient as they are – have the right to health, food, power and economic mobility. We seek to advance those goals with a better use of science and data and through collaboration with partners and grantees. By identifying and accelerating breakthrough solutions, ideas and conversations, The Rockefeller Foundation works to improve the well-being of people everywhere.

Our Commitments

For more consequential outcomes, we channel our resources and expertise into a finite set of endeavors to assure measurable and meaningful impact. Our work is focused on improving access to electricity, food, healthcare and economic opportunity. We do that through creative partnerships and innovative investments to extract more value from data and private capital.

  • End Energy Poverty We accelerate the delivery of reliable, renewable electricity to hundreds of millions of people in underserved, low-income communities worldwide.
  • Achieve Health for All We work to advance the fields of public health and medical science to improve outcomes for all people, everywhere.
  • Nourish People and Planet We are working to create a more nutritious, equitable and regenerative food system.
  • Expand Equity and Economic Opportunity We are dedicated to ensuring every American working family can meet its basic needs and have a path to a better future.
  • Seize Upon Emerging Frontiers We aim to accelerate the impact of our programmatic work by applying impact investing, science, technology, and innovation to the greatest inequities in the world.
From our very first grant—to the American Red Cross more than a century ago—through to today’s vast array of initiatives, The Rockefeller Foundation has built a reputation as a trailblazer that convenes unlikely partnerships and sparks innovations for transformative change. Our list of greatest achievements is long. We founded the modern field of public health, […]

A Playbook for Covid-19 Testing in K-12 Schools

A detailed, step-by-step playbook to help educators, leaders and their public health partners design and implement effective testing programs in schools.


Recent Updates

Oct 14 2021
Press Releases
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Oct 14 2021
Survey on U.S. Teens and Young Adults’ Attitudes Towards Covid-19 Precautions
Oct 14 2021
Press Releases
U.S. Teens and Young Adults Seek Covid-19 Vaccines, Testing, and Mandates at Rates That Rival Adults—But Rates Are Defined by Political Affiliation, New Survey Finds
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