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Mar 14 2024
Opportunity Crops in Africa:
Vision for Adapted Crops and Soils (VACS) Research in Action
Global food insecurity affects over 700 million people, with climate change exacerbating the issue. To address this, investing in diverse, underutilized crops, especially in Africa, can improve resilience and nutrition. These two reports offer actionable strategies, supporting initiatives like VACS, a partnership focusing on agricultural adaptation.
Food Global
Mar 07 2024
2023 Menino Survey of Mayors: Building for a Green Future
In 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) allocated $370 billion for environmental efforts, surveyed 118 mayors across the U.S. to understand local impacts, and conducted the Menino Survey of Mayors to assess policy priorities.
U.S. Economic Opportunity U.S. & the Americas
Feb 15 2024
Scaling the JETP Model – Prospects and Pathways for Action
At COP28, leaders supported a significant move away from fossil fuels. The Rockefeller Foundation and the Environmental Defense Fund collaborated on Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETP). A report suggests four strategies for global leaders to overcome obstacles and expand JETP advantages, making the transition a symbol of inclusive progress and environmental resilience.
Power Global
Dec 19 2023
17 Rooms: Forging Next Steps Into the SDG Second Half 2023 Flagship Synthesis
In 2015, global leaders aimed for a fairer, greener world by 2030 with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Despite challenges like Covid-19 and climate crises, the 17 Rooms initiative promotes sustainable development. In the 2023 flagship event, 17 working groups, each focused on an SDG, devised actionable leadership strategies for 12-18 months.
Technology & Innovation Global
Nov 29 2023
Climate Change and Health: Exploring the Global South’s Leadership
Climate change disproportionately affects the Global South due to underinvestment hindering economic growth and health. Despite challenges, there's a rising interest in credible solutions. This report highlights opportunities for the Global South to lead and gain policy advancements by focusing on climate and health discussions in multilateral forums.
Health Global
Nov 29 2023
Vulnerable Populations in a Warming World: Four Futures Explored
There is a clear path forward on the climate front that achieves rapid decarbonization combined with a swift scale-up in renewable energies. The strategy, laid out in this new Rockefeller Foundation analysis of data from 190 countries, can keep global warming to acceptable limits this century while sparking a revolution in energy access.
Climate Global
Jul 21 2023
Zero Gap Fund: State of the Portfolio 2022
The Rockefeller Foundation's Zero Gap Fund (ZGF) invests in innovative solutions for global challenges, partnering with the Catalytic Capital Consortium (C3) to attract private investment. Notable 2022 investments include tech startups and resilient enterprises in Ukraine and Moldova. The fund's 2022 State of the Portfolio report highlights its impact, demonstrating catalytic capital's role in mobilizing private investment for positive global change.
Innovative Finance Global