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The Rockefeller Foundation has launched an ambitious whole-of-foundation strategy that is tackling the many ways a shifting climate impacts vulnerable communities. We collaborate with unlikely partners across sectors to define priorities, craft partnerships and advance strategies towards scaling people-centered climate solutions. Each step of the way, we build on what we’ve learned from our experience changing food, health, energy, and finance systems over the Foundation’s 110-year history. Consistent with our model and approach, grantmaking is one of many tools the Foundation uses to transform systems, and we do not accept unsolicited grant proposals out of respect for your time.

Use our database to explore active and past grants by commitment and grant amount within the past 5 years. This database undergoes regularly scheduled updates—please refer to the Foundation’s 990-PF documents for the complete list of all individual grants.

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Awarded Dec 05-2023
Earth Genome 2023
in support of enhancing an environmental monitoring technology to help global indigenous communities to protect their local environments and manage their natural heritage.
    Awarded Dec 03-2023
    Kofi Annan Foundation 2023
    in support of convening leaders to outline models of a food governance system fit for achieving sustainable, equitable, and resilient food security at a global scale
      Awarded Dec 01-2023
      in support of raising awareness of and educating the public about the impacts of climate change on disadvantaged communities through the production of the documentary film One Point Five
        Awarded Dec 01-2023
        Institute for Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro 2023
        in support of a project to engage prominent actors, especially from the Global South, in a debate about technodiversity and its applications against a global backdrop where technological developments like AI regulation, privacy and data protection often disregard local values, experiences and cultures
          Awarded Nov 24-2023
          Benefits Data Trust 2023
          in support of convenings and research to understand practical and ethical considerations in leveraging AI to improve benefits access and human services in the U.S
            Awarded Nov 22-2023
            TechnoServe 2023
            in support of a pilot to increase the production and availability of fortified parboiled unpolished rice for consumption by undernourished school children in Nigeria
              Awarded Nov 21-2023
              Texas Tribune Inc. 2023
              in support of increasing the public's understanding of artificial intelligence and explore ways in which AI can enhance high quality journalism
                Awarded Nov 21-2023
                The Robert A. Toigo Foundation 2023
                in general support of advancing education and outreach for students interested in studying finance at the MBA level.
                  Awarded Nov 21-2023
                  Boston University 2023
                  for use by its Global Development Policy Center in support of a fellowship program for finance ministers from countries with climate-vulnerable economies to help them better understand the financial dimensions of climate change and implement their development and climate goals