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The Rockefeller Foundation is committed to supporting a wide array of efforts across the globe to improve lives and the planet, and to promote equity and fairness. We magnify the consequence of these commitments through intense focus and a firm set of priorities. As a result, we do not accept or review unsolicited proposals for grants. The Foundation does this out of respect for your time as much as ours, since we are unable to give appropriate consideration to unsolicited proposals. We ask that you not send proposals or letters of inquiry by mail or email unless requested to do so by a Foundation staff member.

Use our database to explore active and past grants by commitment and grant amount within the past 5 years. This database undergoes regularly scheduled updates—please refer to the Foundation’s 990-PF documents for the complete list of all individual grants.

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Awarded Sep 18-2023
Clean Air Task Force 2023
toward the costs of hosting a series of events highlighting clean energy initiatives and regional energy transition strategies in developing economies at COP28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in December 2023
    Awarded Sep 07-2023
    Nepal Economic Forum Limited 2023
    in support of encouraging the innovative production of affordable insurance products and services to help vulnerable communities in Nepal manage climate risk
      Awarded Sep 06-2023
      One Acre Fund 2023
      in support of strengthening nutritious food production in Kenya and Rwanda to help build resilience among farmers to the region’s food security and climate crisis
        Awarded Aug 29-2023
        Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation 2023
        in support of generating narratives and media training for entertainment professionals that establishes the impact of climate change on underserved children’s health and development
          Awarded Aug 29-2023
          Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa 2023
          in support of convening the Africa Food Systems Forum over the next five years to advance plans for achieving an inclusive agricultural and food systems transformation in Africa
            Awarded Aug 29-2023
            United Nations Foundation 2023
            in support of accelerating the impact of the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence, by developing programs for genomics and climate-health intelligence, to help improve pandemic preparedness in the face of climate change
              Awarded Aug 29-2023
              Colorado State University 2023
              toward the costs of developing a model for New York City to implement its Good Food Purchasing Program that can be replicated and adapted for use by other municipalities
                Awarded Aug 29-2023
                Indian Institute of Technology IIT – Delhi 2023
                In support of establishing a chair professorship for climate sciences and technology along with associated regional events to advance this field of study in the Global South
                  Awarded Aug 28-2023
                  Global Resilient Cities Network 2023
                  toward the costs of identifying innovative solutions to mitigate the impact of climate change on the health of underserved urban populations globally
                    Awarded Aug 25-2023
                    New Venture Fund 2023
                    in support of a landscaping study on the application of data science to climate challenges, to mitigate climate change which impacts all but particularly the most disadvantaged communities