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Through grantmaking, The Rockefeller Foundations works to promote the well-being of humanity throughout the world. Use our database to explore active and past grants by commitment and grant amount within the past 5 years.

This database undergoes regularly scheduled updates—please refer to the Foundation’s 990-PF documents for the complete list of all individual grants.

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APRIL 2021

Awarded Apr 19-2021
toward the costs of a campaign to raise awareness among low-income workers and families and other stakeholders about the value of the lookback rule, a provision enacted in 2020 which allows many lower-income filers to claim larger tax refunds
    Awarded Apr 15-2021
    in support of piloting a sensor-based surveillance program and infectious disease platform that can be used to identify COVID-19, seasonal flu, and the emergence of other novel viruses of pandemic potential
      Awarded Apr 15-2021
      in support of a national U.S. campaign to increase COVID-19 vaccination confidence by building community trust in facts and evidence, encouraging healthy behaviors, and wide-scale dissemination of science-based information around vaccine safety and adoption
        Awarded Apr 09-2021
        in support of implementing a COVID-19 testing program to reopen secondary schools in the National Capital Region, in collaboration with American University and Gallaudet University.
          Awarded Apr 02-2021
          New Venture Fund 2021
          for use by its project Data.org toward the costs of building the field of data science for social impact
            Awarded Apr 02-2021
            Families USA Foundation, Inc. 2021
            in support of the Driving Equitable Vaccine Distribution and Administration in the COVID-19 U.S. Response, a nationwide effort to achieve equitable vaccination against COVID-19
              Awarded Apr 02-2021
              Commonsplace Foundation 2021
              in support of structuring the governance model and operations of a geospatial data trust that will safely and securely aggregate datasets in order to achieve greater social and economic impact

                MARCH 2021

                Awarded Mar 30-2021
                Health Leads, Inc. 2021
                toward the costs of a national COVID-19 vaccine equity campaign with the goal of increasing vaccine confidence and improving uptake
                  Awarded Mar 29-2021
                  City of Seattle 2021
                  for use by its Fire Department in support of mobile COVID-19 vaccination teams and implementing an equitable vaccination program for high-risk city residents
                    Awarded Mar 29-2021
                    Faith in Action Network 2021
                    in support of the LIVE FREE project, a community engagement and communications campaign to encourage equitable COVID-19 vaccination distribution and acceptance in Oakland, CA