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The Rockefeller Foundation has launched an ambitious whole-of-foundation strategy that is tackling the many ways a shifting climate impacts vulnerable communities. We collaborate with unlikely partners across sectors to define priorities, craft partnerships and advance strategies towards scaling people-centered climate solutions. Each step of the way, we build on what we’ve learned from our experience changing food, health, energy, and finance systems over the Foundation’s 110-year history. Consistent with our model and approach, grantmaking is one of many tools the Foundation uses to transform systems, and we do not accept unsolicited grant proposals out of respect for your time.

Use our database to explore active and past grants by commitment and grant amount within the past 5 years. This database undergoes regularly scheduled updates—please refer to the Foundation’s 990-PF documents for the complete list of all individual grants.

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Awarded Jan 23-2024
Resourced, Inc 2024
in support of advancing biomass and precision fermentation technologies to increase access to nutrition for underserved African communities
    Awarded Jan 09-2024
    Missouri Budget Project 2024
    In general support of its mission to improve the quality of life for all Missourians by informing public policy decisions through objective research and analysis of state budget, tax and economic issues.
      Awarded Jan 09-2024
      Brookings Institution 2024
      in support of a series of events to educate the general public, policymakers, and philanthropies about the role of tax policy in achieving a more just economy and inclusive democratic process
        Awarded Dec 15-2023
        Global Fairness Initiative 2023
        in support of building institutional capacity to address the barriers faced by women-owned social enterprises
          Awarded Dec 15-2023
          Sustainable Energy for All 2023
          in support of developing carbon market activation plans in Ghana, Nigeria and Rwanda as a basis for attracting climate finance for economic development
            Awarded Dec 14-2023
            GiveDirectly, Inc. 2023
            in support of enhancing its predictive model to more accurately and effectively deliver anticipatory aid to disaster zones