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Through grantmaking, The Rockefeller Foundations works to promote the well-being of humanity throughout the world. Use our database to explore active and past grants by commitment and grant amount within the past 5 years.

This database undergoes regularly scheduled updates—please refer to the Foundation’s 990-PF documents for the complete list of all individual grants.

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Awarded Dec 01-2022
Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs 2022
in support of providing diverse and flexible lending solutions and educational resources to historically disadvantaged small business owners in Atlanta, GA
    Awarded Nov 28-2022
    Partners In Health 2022
    in support of providing equity-focused medical education in Rwanda to grow the number of medical leaders in global health through scholarships and an early career mentorship fund.
      Awarded Nov 28-2022
      African Field Epidemiology Network 2022
      for use by the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention toward the costs of strengthening its institutional framework, core preparedness, and emergency response capacities
        Awarded Nov 27-2022
        Pioneer Works 2022
        in support of createing and administering The Art for Social Impact Emerging Practice Artist Fellowship, awarding fellowships to early career artists who are driving collective action to improve the lives of New Yorkers
          Awarded Nov 27-2022
          Public Digital Limited 2022
          in support of establishing a network of digital service teams in governments around the world, to enable peer learning and enhance services to their citizens, particularly those in low-income countries
            Awarded Nov 27-2022
            AtlasAI 2022
            in support of using its Human and Economic Atlas platform to create an index to measure community-level vulnerability to climate change (the “Climate Vulnerability Index”) in an effort to advance climate adaption and resilience within vulnerable communities around the world.
              Awarded Nov 27-2022
              Climate Smart Ventures 2022
              in support of the formation and coordination of a working group composed of research and technical partners to scope transitioning the Philippines' energy system from coal to clean energy
                Awarded Nov 26-2022
                Onewest Corporation 2022
                toward the costs of building the capacity of minority business enterprises in Louisville, Kentucky to grow their business and increase wealth-building opportunities
                  Awarded Nov 26-2022
                  Creative Time 2022
                  in support of creating and administering The Art for Social Impact Distinguished Artist Fellowship, awarding fellowships to highly distinguished artists who are driving collective action to improve the lives of New Yorkers