U.S. & the Americas

In the United States and Americas we are working to create opportunities for working families and deliver equitable climate solutions for all

In the U.S., our work focuses on expanding opportunities for working families, in part by enhancing clean energy funding. Throughout the Americas, we are looking for equitable climate solutions.

Why? Excessive heat kills 56,000 people per year in the Americas, according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). A child born in the Americas in 2020 experiences 1.3 times more fires, 2 times more droughts, 2.5 times loss of crops, and 4.5 times more heat waves than those born in 1960.

Climate transformations are underway, but too many BIPOC people cannot access or benefit from these improvements. In the United States alone, reports suggest Blacks are 23 percent and Latinos and Hispanics 43 percent more likely to live where work hours are expected to be lost due to intense heat.

Why it Matters


    Americans have been lifted above the poverty level by earned income tax credit and child tax credit


    of U.S. community solar projects include low-income houses


    higher energy burden is faced by U.S. Black households, and 20 percent higher by Hispanic households, compared with white households

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