RF Catalytic Capital

RFCC convenes the public and private sectors to incubate and accelerate solutions that help solve the world’s most intractable problems

A charitable offshoot of The Rockefeller Foundation, RF Catalytic Capital (RFCC) enables foundations, impact investors, businesses, governments, and other like-minded funders to combine their resources to build funding solutions for social impact and bring about transformational change.

Incorporated in September 2020, RFCC is a critical new tool designed to scale up solutions across a range of key commitments: Food, Health, Power & Climate and Reframing the Global Financial System.

our core mission

  • 1Mobilize and aggregate investment and grant capital for The Rockefeller Foundation’s existing and new initiatives.
  • 2Accelerate projects and their assets in a streamlined, cost-effective manner while providing an enabling environment to spin off scalable solutions.
  • 3Partner with likeminded organizations to combine resources and build funding solutions for social impact and transformational change.

The cost of addressing the world’s most critical problems reaches into the trillions, far exceeding the individual reach of both traditional philanthropies and most governments.

RFCC offers a new innovative way for foundations, impact investors, and governments to combine their resources to address this funding gap and bring about the transformational change required.

Board Members

The RFCC Board is made up of two independent board members and three Rockefeller Foundation staff members who serve in parallel to their roles at the Foundation. This includes Natalye Pacquin who serves as President and Board Chair; Erica Guyer who serves as the Secretary and Irena DiMario who serves as the Interim Treasurer.