We have learned from experience—in philanthropy, the private sector, government, and non-profit global development work—that the biggest problems require big partnerships.

What is Co-Impact?

Co-Impact is a global model for collaborative philanthropy and social change at scale. The Rockefeller Foundation is a core partner in this effort, along with Richard Chandler, The ELMA Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates, Rohini and Nandan Nilekani, and Jeff Skoll. Together with a growing group of funding partners – 30+ partners representing more than a dozen countries to date – we are committed to delivering large-scale, sustainable change to underserved populations across the Global South in the critical areas of health, education, and economic opportunity.

We currently support initiatives working across more than 20 countries, led by organizations deeply rooted in the contexts and systems they seek to transform (see map).

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Our Mission

The Co-Impact Model

Led by CEO Olivia Leland, founding director of The Giving Pledge and Senior Vice President at The Rockefeller Foundation, the Co-Impact team brings together philanthropists, foundations, and other funders, and works closely with social change leaders, to develop, share, and invest in proven initiatives benefiting millions of people around the world. The Co-Impact model is designed to support deep systems change, with a particular emphasis on gender equity and inclusion across all aspects of the collaborative’s work.

The Rockefeller Foundation, as a core partner, is providing significant operating funds and strategic support to Co-Impact—continuing our legacy of driving and creating new platforms for delivering real human results at scale.

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  • Child receiving medical treatment.
    Last Mile Health
  • Students in attendance at Teaching at the Right Level Africa.
    Teaching at the Right Level Africa
  • Female members of Project ECHO having a discussion.
    Project ECHO
  • Fundación Capital

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