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Sarah Geisenheimer

Vice PresidentConvenings & Networks, The Rockefeller Foundation

As Vice President of Innovation, Sarah leads the Convenings & Networks portfolio which advances programmatic priorities and a broader global agenda for a more equitable and sustainable future through strategic convening and partnership development. The team explores innovative opportunities to address global challenges requiring cross-disciplinary coalitions to analyze, prototype, and advance solutions that lead to transformational impact. Many of these “new frontiers” explorations blend in-house research, exploratory seed grants, convenings, and other forms of incentivizing collaboration between partners.  The team also oversees programming for the Bellagio Center including residencies and conferences.

Sarah began her career at The Rockefeller Foundation in 2006, leaving in 2015 to serve as Senior Advisor to the Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education. She then became the Executive Director of The Fund for Public Schools. She was most recently Chief Operating Officer at 100Kin10, a high-performing network of 300+ organizations across the country working together to improve STEM education. Sarah brings to RF expertise in philanthropy, partnership development and network engagement, operational systems, and strategic planning. Sarah holds a Master of Arts from Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from New York University.

Authored Content

  • May 01 2024
    Perspective Bellagio Center Opens Applications for 2025 Convenings The Bellagio Center is inviting applications for its 2025 convenings, focusing on themes like addressing climate change and building resilient societies. They seek actionable solutions in areas like policy, energy, health, democracy, and technology. Kevin McAndrew, Sarah Geisenheimer
  • Apr 17 2024
    Perspective Strengthening Ideas Through the Wisdom of a Brain Trust The world's challenges demand collaborative solutions. The Brain Trust fosters connections among participants to share experiences and ideas. This networking approach recognizes that no single leader or organization can solve global issues alone. By tapping into diverse networks, the Brain Trust aims to accelerate the impact of innovative ideas and promote collective action. Marlee Margolin, Sarah Geisenheimer
  • May 01 2023
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  • Feb 02 2023
    Perspective Reflections on the 2022 Bellagio Center Class of Leading Thinkers and Doers In 2022, we welcomed 102 diverse and pioneering residents from over 28 different countries to the Bellagio Center. Representing a wide range of expertise and cultural experiences, they arrived to work on projects varying in topic and traversing a broad set of fields and disciplines. We invited them to advance their work at the Bellagio […] Bethany Martin-Breen, Sarah Geisenheimer
  • Oct 11 2021
    Perspective The Bellagio Center: Open Again and Supporting Leaders To Shape a Stronger, More Sustainable and Equitable World For more than 50 years, The Rockefeller Foundation has hosted leading practitioners from around the globe at our conference center in Bellagio, Italy to build and mobilize alliances of diverse stakeholders around a shared vision, empowering widespread collaboration, innovation and action; and enabling mutual accountability for progress. In the Spring of 2020, we for the […] Sarah Geisenheimer