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The Bellagio Center Residency Program

The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Residency Program is a project-based residency that offers academics, artists, policymakers, and practitioners a serene setting for focused, goal-oriented work, and the unparalleled opportunity to establish new connections with residents from a wide array of backgrounds, disciplines, and geographies. The program, rather than being a retreat for private reflection, creates a stimulating environment to advance a specific project, and for cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural exchange that can strengthen a resident’s work, shift perspectives, and spur new ideas. Residents who meet in Bellagio forge lasting bonds and stay connected to each other and the Rockefeller Foundation well after the residency as members of the Bellagio Network.

The Foundation’s Bellagio Residency Program has a track record for supporting the production of breakthrough ideas and knowledge addressing some of the most complex challenges facing our world, and innovative works of art that enhance our understanding of pressing global and social issues and encourage positive action.

The Rockefeller Foundation is actively seeking to increase the diversity of its programs and is especially interested in recruiting individuals who are based outside of the United States.

The Foundation is committed to gender equity and to recruiting candidates who are diverse in terms of racial identity, ethnicity and economic background.

Our Residents Are:

  • Leaders in their fields with a proven track record of professional accomplishment, who may be either very well-known in their fields or clearly up-and-coming
  • Forward-looking, with a history of advancing breakthrough ideas or actions that have had tremendous impact
  • Committed to the Foundation’s mission to “make opportunity universal and sustainable” through their work and create positive change at local, national or global scales
  • Curious, collegial, and collaborative—open to giving and receiving input and feedback from a diverse group of fellow residents
  • Excited to remain active in the Bellagio network after the residency

Program Offering:

  • Up to four weeks at The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center in Bellagio Italy, Lake Como
  • Room and board with a private studio for working
  • A shared community of up to 15 scholars, artists or practitioners coming from all over the world
  • Residents can bring a partner/significant other to join the residency for all or a portion of their stay
  • Travel funding is available when there is financial need
  • Future participation in an international network of Bellagio leaders, united in the shared purpose of creating a better world

Bellagio Residencies

The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center encourages diversity in both the people welcomed into the community and the range of projects they work on. Examples of previous residents and their projects include leaders of nonprofit organizations rethinking organizational strategy; academics producing scholarly work to advance a body of research; and artists (musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, performance-based artists, etc.) creating new works of art. We believe that creating a diverse community of people and ideas promotes equity and inclusion and fosters opportunities for innovative thinking.

NOTE: Candidates proposing projects that provide a for-profit company with a service or benefit (e.g. preparation of a business plan or production of a product that will aid the bottom line of the for-profit entity) are not eligible to apply for a residency.

Residents are selected for a Bellagio residency through two channels: 1) an annual open call, and 2) a select number of nominations from our network. All applications go through a competitive review process.

The timing of the next annual open call will be announced in early 2023.



  • General Open Call Residency

    The General Open Call Residency is for all practitioners, academics and artists working in any discipline or area of study. Projects can be based on any topic but must demonstrate clear social impact and charitable purpose.
  • Gender Equality Residency

    The Gender Equality Residency is targeted towards applicants who are dedicated to advancing gender equality and women’s leadership through initiatives, policymaking, and public advocacy. Applicants may be working in any academic or artistic discipline, or they may be practitioners working in any field.
  • Governance and Responsible Use of AI Residency

    The Governance and Responsible Use of AI Residency is targeted towards applicants who are dedicated to advancing the good governance and responsible use of artificial intelligence through their work. Applicants may be working in any academic or artistic discipline, or they may be practitioners working in any field.
  • Building Green Economies Residency

    The Building Green Economies Residency is targeted towards applicants who are developing ideas and projects that advance low-carbon futures and climate action alongside economic and human development. Applicants may be working in any academic or artistic discipline, or they may be practitioners working in any field.
  • The Bellagio Fellowship marked a turning point in my thinking and subsequent work. I left Bellagio convinced that a new direction was needed and a sense of where to begin.
    Rosanne Haggerty
    Resident Fellow, 2008

The History of the Bellagio Center

The Bellagio Center has a record of major impact, from meetings that led to the Green Revolution and the Global AIDS vaccine initiative, to residencies that have furthered the work of some of the world’s leading thinkers and creators. Learn more about the history of the Center.

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