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The Bellagio Center Residency Program

The 2025 Bellagio Center Residency Program applications are now closed. Explore details about the program below to get ready for the 2026 application cycle.

The Bellagio Center Residency Program has a track record for solving some of the world’s most complex challenges.

For more than 60 years, the Bellagio Center has been a backdrop for history as academics, artists, and practitioners from around the world have gathered to unlock their creativity and advance groundbreaking work.

Rather than a retreat for private reflection, the Bellagio Center residency offers an opportunity to advance a specific breakthrough project and a stimulating environment to forge cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural connections with other residents. Bellagio Center residents form lasting bonds and stay connected to each other and to The Rockefeller Foundation long after their residency ends as members of the Bellagio Network.

Alumni include Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Maya Angelou, and Dikgang Moseneke, as well as trailblazers like Nikole Hannah-Jones, Akin Omotoso, and Ilwad Elman.

Our Residents Are:

  • Leaders with significant achievement and recognition in their field
  • Forward-looking, with a history of advancing breakthrough ideas or actions that have had tremendous impact
  • Committed to The Rockefeller Foundation’s mission to “make opportunity universal and sustainable”
  • Curious and collaborative —open to giving and receiving feedback from a diverse group of fellow residents
  • Excited to remain active in the Bellagio Network after the residency

Our Program Offers:

  • Up to four weeks at The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center in Lake Como, Italy
  • Room and board with a private studio for working
  • A shared community of up to 15 scholars, artists and practitioners from around the world
  • Travel funding is available when there is financial need
  • Future participation in an international network of Bellagio Center alumni, united in the shared purpose of creating a better world

Program Offering

Bellagio residents are selected through an internal referral process and an annual open call for applications. In both cases, individuals must submit an application and go through a competitive review process.

In addition to our General Open Call for applications on any topic, we currently are prioritizing two particular themes (with each containing several sub-themes): 1) Addressing Climate Change, and 2) Building Vibrant, Connected, and Resilient Societies. These themes reflect our commitment to drive action in The Rockefeller Foundation’s priority areas and to develop a network of people and ideas in each area.

Application Themes

The 2025 Bellagio Center Residency Program applications are now closed. Explore details about the program below to get ready for the 2026 application cycle.

  • Under this theme, we will support leading thinkers and organizations working on solutions addressing climate change through the lens of energy systems, health systems, food systems, policy and financial systems.
  • Humans thrive when we recognize that all of our futures are inherently intertwined. This theme focuses on how to address the core challenges to building vibrant, connected, and resilient societies.
  • The General Open Call is for practitioners, academics, and artists working in any discipline or area of study. Projects can be based on any topic but must demonstrate clear social impact and charitable purpose.

Our Bellagio Center Residents

In 2023, we welcomed 103 residents to the Bellagio Center. Coming from all over the world and representing a wide cross-section of expertise, these residents are some of the most ambitious, innovative, and committed leaders of our time.

Meet Our Residents

The History of the Bellagio Center

The Bellagio Center has a record of major impact, from convenings that led to the Global AIDS vaccine initiative, to residencies that have furthered the work of some of the world’s leading thinkers and creators.

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