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Our Strategy


Over the past decade, The Rockefeller Foundation has developed and refined a powerful strategic model for accomplishing our mission of “promoting the well-being of humanity throughout the world.” This model helps the Foundation employ its resources for maximum impact by:

  • Reframing complex problems to create breakthrough solutions
  • Identifying emergent opportunities and then testing and executing time-bound initiatives
  • Leveraging our brand, reputation, knowledge, networks, and convening power to achieve scale

By using sophisticated and innovative tools to analyze global problems and market forces, identifying and implementing innovative solutions, and tracking the progress of our work, we are able to form both likely and unlikely strategic partnerships, leverage tipping points, and transform systems. Our Pathways to Impact and our Strategic Themes describe our strategy in detail—including its evolution, how it operates, and the ways in which it is improving the lives of poor or vulnerable people around the world.



How We Work