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Jun 09 2021
Matter of Impact
Can Technology Be Optimized for Equity and Opportunity?
Companies use detailed behavioral information every day to direct products and services to individuals. What if this approach were applied to maximize social good instead of private revenue? This quarter’s Matter …
Mar 25 2021
Matter of Impact
Making Opportunity Universal
The binding theme of our Q1/2021 Matter of Impact goes to the heart of what The Rockefeller Foundation has always been about: Making individual opportunity universal. In everything the Foundation does, …
Nov 23 2020
Matter of Impact
Powering a Green and Equitable Recovery
We know there is no going back to some pre-Covid-19 version of normal. This is a time to reimagine the future to assure it aligns better with our values.  The …
Sep 09 2020
Matter of Impact
The Way Forward: Gender Equity by Design
In the quiet of their homes, women are shouldering a staggering increase in unpaid labor and caretaking springing from the Covid-19 crisis, while facing a spike in domestic violence. They …
Aug 31 2020
Matter of Impact
Matter of Impact
In Matter of Impact, we intend to cast a close eye on a single topic or issue with short features, video, and impact stories.
Jun 18 2020
Matter of Impact
America's Overdue Reckoning with Racial Disparity
It is the sheer magnitude of the reality that stops us short. Woven into the United States’ history, into its very DNA as a nation, are innumerable strands of injustice …