May 01 2024
Bellagio Center Opens Applications for 2025 Convenings
The Bellagio Center is inviting applications for its 2025 convenings, focusing on themes like addressing climate change and building resilient societies. They seek actionable solutions in areas like policy, energy, health, democracy, and technology.
Apr 23 2024
Thought Leadership Development
in Organizational Networks
Read about the importance of leadership development through dedicated learning spaces and networks. The Rockefeller Foundation invested in custom leadership programs aimed at emerging and executive leaders, emphasizing the power of collective leadership for effecting change.
Apr 22 2024
Fighting Climate Change by Upgrading New York City’s Buildings
Learn more about how NYCEEC finances energy efficiency projects in New York City buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They prioritize innovative technologies such as passive house design and building electrification, with a focus on low-income communities.
Apr 17 2024
Strengthening Ideas Through the Wisdom of a Brain Trust
The world's challenges demand collaborative solutions. The Brain Trust fosters connections among participants to share experiences and ideas. This networking approach recognizes that no single leader or organization can solve global issues alone. By tapping into diverse networks, the Brain Trust aims to accelerate the impact of innovative ideas and promote collective action.
Apr 12 2024
Getting It Done: Addressing Climate Change will Take Bold Reforms
The upcoming Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank in Washington, D.C. will decide whether major economies and financial institutions will take bold steps to reform global finance, crucial for addressing climate change and development financing challenges.