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Making Opportunity Universal

Q1/2021 Matter of Impact Collection

The binding theme of our Q1/2021 Matter of Impact goes to the heart of what The Rockefeller Foundation has always been about: Making individual opportunity universal. In everything the Foundation does, we seek transformative solutions to promote the well-being of humankind.

In this issue, Foundation President Raj Shah lays out a path for the world community to assure a truly equitable recovery by funding vaccines in every country. Two authors show how clean electrification in Nigeria can bring a multitude of boosts to the job market. Spanish-speaking domestic workers in the U.S., mostly working in the shadows, finally get both a voice and a critical safety net. A health initiative in Uganda illustrates the opportunity-enhancing powers of data. A data visualization draws the essential link between energy access and economic prosperity. And a Boston-based nonprofit jumps in to help businesses narrow the yawning racial wealth gap.

In the first of several tax-related items, a Rockefeller Foundation managing director shares her thoughts on magnifying the power of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), discussing how it can benefit American communities and promote greater equity.

All of this in the interest of making individual opportunity universal.

Featured Content

  • Report

    One for All: An Action Plan for Financing Global Vaccination and Sustainable Growth

    The ravages of Covid-19 are well known. Just as the entire world shared in the spread and pain of the pandemic, we must now share in orchestrating its end, and a transition to a just, equitable, and sustainable recovery. The pandemic cannot be contained and the rebuilding cannot fully begin until the virus is halted in every country. For this reason, we must act swiftly to achieve a global vaccination rate of up to 70 percent by the end of 2022. This Action Plan, the first in a series, highlights three mutually reinforcing goals leveraging the power of existing multilateral financial architecture.
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Our work is focused on improving access to electricity, food, healthcare and economic opportunity. We do that through creative partnerships and innovative investments to extract more value from data and private capital.

  • Food Advancing a more nourishing, regenerative and equitable food system
  • Power We accelerate access to and consumption of reliable, renewable electricity in underserved, low-income communities worldwide, empowering hundreds of millions of people while building the climate-smart energy system of the future
  • Health Ensuring healthy futures for people and planet
  • U.S. Economic Opportunity Our vision is that every working person in America should be able to meet the basic needs of their families – and have a path to a better future
  • Emerging Frontiers We aim to accelerate the impact of our programmatic work through impact investing, data science, technology, and innovation to the greatest inequities in the world.