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Powering a Green and Equitable Recovery

We know there is no going back to some pre-Covid-19 version of normal. This is a time to reimagine the future to assure it aligns better with our values.  The Rockefeller Foundation is intent on bringing about a more inclusive, green recovery from the pandemic, where everyone has the opportunity to realize their potential and a climate disaster is avoided. With this in mind, the Foundation will be catalyzing billions of dollars in private and concessional investments to scale distributed renewable energy infrastructure to improve lives across vulnerable communities in developing countries worldwide.

Prior to the pandemic, half the world’s population lacked access to essential health services, and more than 800 million people worldwide lacked access to electricity. Billions more have their potential diminished by unreliable or insufficient energy access, predominantly provided by carbon-emitting fuels.

These number have grown worse because of the pandemic. More than 100 million people have seen their electricity access severed because they could not pay their bills, with the toll falling disproportionately on the poor and most vulnerable. The World Bank estimates that the combined impact of climate change and the damage done by Covid-19 will push 132 million people into poverty. We need bold action to address these disparities with a global response that assures a more inclusive, sustainable future for all.

In this third edition of Matter of Impact we share insights and highlight initiatives from our global Power & Climate program. Ten years ago, the world escaped a harrowing economic crisis by thinking big and working together.  Today, a globally coordinated green stimulus, and investment in green energy infrastructure, would avoid economic disaster while putting the world on a more stable and sustainable footing.

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Our work is focused on improving access to electricity, food, healthcare and economic opportunity. We do that through creative partnerships and innovative investments to extract more value from data and private capital.

  • Power We accelerate access to and consumption of reliable, renewable electricity in underserved, low-income communities worldwide, empowering hundreds of millions of people while building the climate-smart energy system of the future
  • Health Ensuring healthy futures for people and planet
  • Food Advancing a more nourishing, regenerative and equitable food system
  • U.S. Economic Opportunity Our vision is that every working person in America should be able to meet the basic needs of their families – and have a path to a better future
  • Emerging Frontiers We aim to accelerate the impact of our programmatic work through impact investing, data science, technology, and innovation to the greatest inequities in the world.