Tune into #RFBreakthrough, a don't-miss livestream series highlighting urgent and innovative discussions with thought leaders and industry experts.

From the latest National Covid-19 Testing and Tracing Plan to groundbreaking learnings in artificial intelligence, nutrition, climate change, equity and last-mile electrification, our experts converge to solve pressing problems, improve lives and unleash human potential across the globe.

Have a question about how AI can help rebalance and reset the future? Submit your questions below for our panel of experts and tune in Wednesday, August 19 at 11AM ET for a LIVE #RFBreakthrough conversation.

The Rockefeller Foundation experts will be answering your questions during the LIVE Q&A.

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Recent Episodes

  • Episode 01

    Covid-19: a Blueprint for Keeping the U.S. Economy Open

    For our inaugural episode, The Rockefeller Foundation hosted a live-stream discussion, Covid-19: a Blueprint for Keeping the U.S. Economy Open. The panelists discuss the updated national testing, tracing and safety regimen for the United States.
  • Episode 02

    The Future of AI: Developing a Framework that Benefits All

    For the second episode in the #RFBreakthrough series, The Rockefeller Foundation is hosting a live stream discussion on how we can use artificial intelligence as a force for good during the pandemic and beyond, while also exploring the need for a regulatory framework to ensure its responsible use.

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