Climate Data for Community Action

Episode 24

A new report released by DataKind shows that energy equity issues in the U.S. are predominantly driven by household income, with few options for most households to use less expensive and more sustainable energy sources. The Energy Equity report lays out options for data science to improve research that would provide better data to regulators. But even with the right data, how can we ensure that it is being used to inform equitable policies across communities? And what does this look like on the ground? We are bringing together a group of experts to discuss!

This session was broadcasted on Wednesday, May 3rd at 2:00pm ET / 1:00pm CT live across The Rockefeller Foundation’s social media pages TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and YouTube.

Climate Data for Community Action to hear experts from DataKind, Ecological Citizen’s Project & Initiative for Energy Justice discuss solutions using data to combat unequal access to energy, from grassroots to the policy level.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Panel of Experts:


Carly Lanning
Storytelling and Content Strategy Manager,
The Rockefeller Foundation



Caitlin Augustin, Ph.D.
Vice President of Product & Programs,


Subin DeVar
Co-Founder and Executive Director of Initiative,
Energy Justice


Jason Angell
Co-Founder and Co-director,
Ecological Citizen’s Project

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