Global Voices, Green Choices: Women Leading Climate Solutions

Episode 28

The impacts of climate change are as diverse as the people affected by it. Communities everywhere  are looking for solutions to adapt to and combat the crisis. But how are the needs of these local leaders reflected in the global conversation about climate change? What voices aren’t being heard as decisions are made about energy, food, and health?

As we near the start of COP28, and eyes turn to Dubai as presidents and prime ministers discuss our climate future, this episode of #RFBreakthrough looks to local leaders for insight. This panel of Vital Voices women leaders on climate have championed solutions at the community level, and found ways for towns and villages to thrive in the face of climate catastrophe. We’ll hear about their expectations for COP28 and what needs to be done as we continue to respond to the evolving environment.

This event was broadcasted across The Rockefeller Foundation’s social media pages TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and YouTube on November 28th at 10:00 AM ET.

Hear from women climate champions from Vital Voices who are sharing their expectations for #COP28.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Panel of Experts:


Peter Prengaman
Climate Global and Environmental News Director,
The Associated Press



Nidhi Pant
S4S Technologies


Habiba Ali
Founder and CEO,
Sosai Renewable Energies

Gina Barbieri
Specialist in Conflict Resolution and Inclusive Accountability,
International Development Institutions