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Pandemic Prevention Initiative

See the signals. Speed the response. Stop outbreaks.

As a science-based philanthropy, The Rockefeller Foundation has focused, throughout our history, on being data-driven in catalyzing big bets in public health through innovation, capital and partnerships.

In 2021, The Rockefeller Foundation launched the Pandemic Prevention Initiative (PPI), a USD $150 million investment that works with partners around the world to prevent the spread of infectious diseases through strengthened global pathogen surveillance and response to secure a pandemic-free future for humanity.

The Pandemic Prevention Initiative has formed a network of over 40 partner organizations that bridge sectors and geographies to strengthen partnerships and enable an early warning system. Through grants to several network partners, we support local institutions and health systems, as well as regional and global organizations to elevate national expertise and leadership around the world. This work has been focused in three priority areas: technology and innovation, capacity building, and global policy.

Wastewater Surveillance: Vital for an Outbreak Early Warning System

Wastewater surveillance has emerged as a valuable epidemiological tool to detect outbreaks before they spread. It can detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 and its variants in a community and monitor trends over time. Because wastewater monitoring does not rely on access to individual diagnostics, it can provide insights that are essential for controlling the current Covid-19 pandemic and preventing future pandemics.

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