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Wastewater Surveillance

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Wastewater surveillance can guide public health interventions to slow or stop the spread of infectious diseases. A single sample can provide health insights into thousands of individuals, all for a fraction of the cost of clinical diagnostic tests and independent of health system access The data generated provides a more equitable view of population health, equipping policymakers with powerful data to advocate for public health resources that protect all. As climate change worsens the infectious diseases, wastewater surveillance will be a critical tool for decision makers.

Why it Matters

With limited insights on what pathogens are circulating and where, policymakers are forced to make decisions with a partial picture of community health. Continuous monitoring of wastewater, complemented by other data sources, will give clarity to on ongoing and impending threats, resulting in more effective interventions.

    people are predicted to be displaced by climate hazards by 2050, often making it harder for them to access health care facilities


    hundreds of chemicals, and antimicrobial-resistant genes can be detected in wastewater


    advance warning provided by wastewater surveillance can stop disease spread

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