The Bellagio Center Residency Program/

Reinventing Capitalism Residency

Applications for the 2025 Bellagio residency will open on March 4th, 2024.

The Bellagio Center Residency Program sought candidates for 2024 who are working on projects that will alleviate the negative social impacts our economic systems have on low and middle-income countries and marginalized communities. Successful applicants will reimagine economic systems, improve development finance practices and innovate upon the basic tenets of our global economy, to build a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

The Reinventing Capitalism Residency is for a multidisciplinary range of stakeholders advancing projects with the potential for breakthroughs. Academics, artists, journalists and writers, policymakers, and on-the-ground practitioners were all welcome to apply. All applicants will be required to describe a concrete project which addresses the theme and clearly links to their expertise.

Areas of interest:

  • Moral Leadership and Corporate Governance – How can leaders set new norms and standards through values-driven leadership and redefine what it means to conduct “good business”?  How can we go beyond ESG, CSR, and impact investing to make systemic changes in how we measure the bottom line?
  • Income and Wealth Gap – How can we create new legal, economic, and business incentives to address the widening gap between the rich and the poor?
  • Fundamental Concepts – How can we innovate and improve upon the conceptual and legal building blocks of capitalism, such as property rights or the rights of the corporation?
  • Democracy and Worker’s Rights – How can we prevent economic interests from overshadowing or eroding democratic ideals, the protection of natural capital, and workers’ rights?
  • The Care Economy – How can we create policies and systems which recognize and value the unpaid labor related to childcare, elder care, and domestic chores?
  • Global Economic Recovery – How can we reform development finance mechanisms, to provide more equitable financing terms to developing nations to allow the world to accelerate progress on global challenges such as climate change?

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