The Bellagio Center Residency Program/

Gender Equality Residency

The Rockefeller Foundation is committed to improving access to electricity, food, healthcare, and economic opportunity for all. Through the Gender Equality Residency, we are seeking to encourage participation from women leaders, and, support a wide range of projects aiming to realize gender equality, building a world where all people can access the resources they need to thrive and exercise the freedom necessary to pursue their dreams.

Gender Equality Residency

This Residency track is targeted towards applicants who are dedicated to advancing gender equality through initiatives, policymaking, and public advocacy. This residency is available to a wide range of diverse actors such as:

  • Academics advancing research and scholarship on women’s economic justice and rights, gender studies, women’s leadership, etc.
  • Artists and writers disseminating messages about the impact and urgency of gender equality through the medium of their work
  • Policymakers who aim to build governance frameworks, coalitions and more, which will enable action addressing this pressing issue
  • Practitioners, who are working ‘on the ground’ and on the frontlines of this issue in communities globally, and whose work necessitates an environment for deep thinking on approaches and avenues to impact

We welcome a diverse range of profiles for applicants in this theme. However, all Gender Equality Residents will be required to describe a project which is clearly aligned towards addressing the theme in a direct and deliberate way.

The Bellagio Center also offers convenings by topic. Previous convenings have focused on Gender, AI and Green Economies. In early 2023, we will accept applications for our next round of open call and topic-based residencies.