The Bellagio Center Convening Program/

Building Green Economies Convenings

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2024 Bellagio Center Convening Program.

The Building Green Economies theme is targeted towards applicants who are developing ideas and projects that advance low-carbon futures and climate adaptation or mitigation interventions alongside economic and human development concerns. Realistic projects ranging from the practical to the visionary are welcome. Those that center the leadership and needs of women and young people are of special interest. In particular, the following types of projects and people are well suited:

  • Academics advancing research and scholarship on green economic transitions and climate policy
  • Leaders who aim to build coalitions, governance frameworks, launch new organizations, catalyze new investment mechanisms and more, which will address this pressing issue
  • Policymakers who aim to build governance frameworks, coalitions and more, which will enable action in this pressing issue in low and middle-income countries and/or enhance their leadership and support internationally
  • Practitioners, activists, community organizers, and others pushing social change by creating technical and educational tools, working on the frontlines of this issue globally, whose work necessitates an environment for deep thinking on approaches and avenues to impact

We welcome a diverse range of profiles for applicants in this theme. However, all Building Green Economies Residents applications will be required to address the theme in a direct and deliberate way.

Successful Convenings:

  • Demonstrate a clear potential to result in impact following the convening
  • Hinge on a clear, specific, and compelling purpose
  • Engage stakeholders necessary for success during and after the convening
  • Have an element of timeliness
  • Focus on participant experience
  • More information here

How We Support:

  • Convening design resources, to help maximize the experience and impact of your convening
  • Modest travel support for eligible participants
  • Travel planning and booking services
  • A dedicated convening lead on-site, as well as amenities such as lodging, food, AV etc.
  • More information HERE

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