The Bellagio Center Convening Program/

Facilities and Accommodations

The Bellagio Center operates two separate buildings for convenings, the Frati  and the Sfondrata. Each convening will be assigned one of the buildings based on the convening dates selected.

Please note that offsite guests are not permitted to attend convenings at the Bellagio Center, therefore, the number of bedrooms represents the total number of participants and their staff we can accommodate per convening in each building.

The Frati

A 17th-century friary that has been fully modernized. Convenings in the Frati can accommodate up to 21 people including 18 bedrooms in the Frati and three additional bedrooms a short walk from the main facility, all with private baths. The Frati meeting space includes meeting rooms, a dining room, and public informal gathering spaces.

The Frati-Bellagio Center.
view of trees, a building, mountains and an ocean.

The Sfondrata

A 16th-century building, with an adjacent tower of the same period and a dock house. The facility includes 22 bedrooms  with private baths, meeting rooms, a dining room, and informal gathering spaces.

Room assignments are made before participant arrival. Changes may not be made once participants arrive. Rooms for people with limited mobility are available; if climbing stairs or walking uphill is difficult, please check the appropriate box in the registration form. Elevators are available in each building. Note that we do not allow two participants to share a room to accommodate additional participants.

Spouses and Guests. As a matter of policy, the Center does not provide meals or lodging for participants’ spouses, other family members, or friends.

Check in time at the Center between 9.00 am and 9.00 pm. Please note that staff are not available to welcome guests planning to arrive after 9 pm. If participants arrive after 9 pm they will need to stay overnight at a hotel and arrive at the Center the following morning.

Check out from the bedrooms is by 8.30 am. Departures from the Center should be no later than 10.00 am.

Keys. Please leave the key on your room desk before you check out. We will be obliged to charge you € 100.00 for lost keys; and flashlight replacement.

There are no radios or TV sets in the bedrooms.

Hairdryer. There is a hairdryer in every room.

Soap and shampoo are available in every room.

Laundry and Ironing facilities. There is a washing machine and dryer (along with washing liquid, an iron, and an ironing board).

Attire. “Business casual” (jacket, but no ties are required for men) or national costumes are appropriate dinner attire. Casual clothing, such as shorts, tank tops, jeans, etc., is not appropriate for dinner but is fine during the day.

Smoking  is NOT allowed in any space indoors.

The Bellagio Center provides room and board without charge to participants for the duration of their convening. However, the Center cannot offer accommodations outside of the official convening dates. Please arrange hotel accommodation accordingly if you choose to arrive before or after your official invitation dates. Information about local hotels may be found at, in guidebooks to Italy, or through a travel agent.

Meals: The Center provides three meals a day at fixed times—please design your agenda accordingly:

  • Breakfast: served from 8:00 am to 9:00 am 
  • Lunch: served from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm  
  • Cocktails: served from 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm 
  • Dinner: served from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm 

It is expected that all participants will attend all meals. Should you or your participants need to be absent at lunch or dinner, please inform your Bellagio Convening Coordinator in advance. Please provide your Convening Coordinator with at least one day’s notice if your entire group will be absent from any meal.

During the convening, organizers will have the option of scheduling a joint dinner between their participants and Bellagio Center residents to foster the exchange of ideas across disciplines.

Coffee breaks: coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks, and cookies are always available.

We suggest NOT scheduling sessions on arrival and/or departure days due to the Center’s remote location (about two hours away from any of the Milan airports and train stations).

Please note that both lunch and dinner are available on arrival day, while only breakfast is served on departure day.