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Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Announces 2024 Residents; Opens Call for 2025

New residents join ranks of more than 4,000 global changemakers spanning over six decades and 130 countries

NEW YORK | March 4, 2024 ― The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center announced the first group of 2024 residents selected for a month-long residency program in Bellagio, Italy, and officially opened a call for applications for a residency in 2025 with a deadline of April 25, 2024. Since launching in 1959, the Bellagio residency program has welcomed more than 4,000 artists, policymakers, scholars, authors, practitioners, and scientists from 130 countries, including 100 recognized as Nobel Laureates. The residency offers participants a unique workspace in a remarkable setting and access to a global network of Bellagio Center residents, all of whom have demonstrated a commitment to social impact.

This year’s cohort includes global leaders from various fields and nations all over the world. Among them is Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz (United States), scientist Solomon Assefa (Ethiopia), global health expert Alaa Murabit (Libya), renowned dancer and choreographer Bijayini Satpathy (India), and novelist Gioconda Belli (Nicaragua).

“The Bellagio Center has been privileged to host the world’s most innovative scholars, practitioners, and artists who are committed to the betterment of humanity for more than 60 years,” said Natalye Paquin, Chief Operating Officer at The Rockefeller Foundation. “As we prepare to welcome our remarkable 2024 residents, we invite others to apply for this extraordinary opportunity to think, work, and engage with a cross-section of bright minds in a setting that cultivates creativity and emphasizes social impact.”

For over 60 years, the Bellagio Center has supported many breakthroughs through its residency and convening programs. Each year, the Bellagio Center residency program offers approximately 100 individuals the opportunity to develop the ideas, art, policies, and breakthroughs that will help to promote the well-being of humanity by making opportunity universal and sustainable.

2024 Bellagio Center Residents (as of March 2024)

The 2024 Bellagio Center Residency cohort includes an intentional focus on climate solutions, reinventing capitalism, and promoting well-being, which reflects The Rockefeller Foundation’s programmatic work and priorities. The residency cohort is also diverse: a majority or residents are women and nearly half come from the Global South.

Climate Solutions

  • Solomon Assefa
  • Javiera Barandiaran
  • Chris Barrett
  • Amita Batra
  • Nicholas Bequelin
  • Jennifer Burney
  • Jose Luis Chicoma
  • Melody Cooper
  • Maja De Vibe
  • Aniket Doegar
  • Anton Eberhard
  • Karen Florini
  • Alice Hill
  • Bradley Hiller
  • Asha Kanwar
  • Roland Kupers
  • Rachel Lowe
  • Tessa McWatt
  • Todd Moss
  • Joel Nana
  • Tosin Oshinowo
  • Uygar Özesmi
  • Janice Pariat
  • Ito Peng
  • Kim Stanley Robinson
  • Mark Robinson
  • Pamela Ronald
  • Neil Saintilan
  • Sara Scherr
  • Malkit Shoshan
  • Suzanne Singer
  • Kotchakorn Voraakhom


  • Chandana Baksi
  • Hinemoa Elder
  • Salah Goss
  • Anne Hallward
  • Sarah Holloway
  • Anuradha Kapoor
  • Arie Kruglanski
  • Jesus (Jesse) Leon
  • An Michels
  • Erica Milsom
  • David Barclay Moore
  • Thandiwe Muriu
  • Liz Ogbu
  • Prerna Singh

Reinventing Capitalism

  • Andrew Kassoy
  • Mariana Mazzucato
  • Nina Olson
  • Subomi Plumptre
  • Karen Sack
  • Krislert Samphantharak
  • Trebor Scholz
  • Bright Simons
  • Joseph Stiglitz
  • Susan Zieger

Health, Equity, Innovative Finance, and Artificial Intelligence  

  • Eileen Appelbaum
  • Rosemary Batt
  • Mia Birdsong
  • Damian Blasi
  • Anir Chowdhury
  • Kristen Crowell
  • Saneta deVuono-Powell
  • Brittan Heller
  • Amel Karboul
  • Frederica Perera
  • Helen Rees

Cross-cutting themes (including gender; human rights; culture and representation; and leadership, law, and policy)

  • Sama Alshaibi
  • Mariana Amatullo
  • Tahir Amin
  • Gioconda Belli
  • Andrea Clearfield
  • Bridget Crawford
  • George Fatheree
  • Emmanuel Iduma
  • Kim Leary
  • Peggy Levitt
  • Mona Lynch
  • Victor Mark-Onyegbu
  • Glorimar Marrero-Sánchez
  • Athambile Masola
  • Hiroshi Motomura
  • Alaa Murabit
  • Nétonon Noël Ndjékéry
  • C.J. Obasi
  • Michele Pistone
  • Tara Roberts
  • Maria Leonor (Leni) Robredo
  • Bijayini Satpathy
  • Patrick Sharkey
  • Lysley Tenorio
  • Clarence Wardell

2025 Call for Applications

Beginning today, The Rockefeller Foundation is accepting applications for residencies in 2025. This year, in addition to a general open call for applications on any topic, the Bellagio Center Residency Program is prioritizing the following themes: addressing climate change through the lens of energy systems, health systems, food systems, policy and financial systems; as well as building vibrant connected and resilient societies by exploring the future of democracy, bridging generations, and technology that supports humanity. These themes reflect the commitment of The Rockefeller Foundation to support leaders to innovate and discover new solutions to address our most urgent global challenges. We encourage applications that make opportunity universal and sustainable, including applications by and for people from the global south, women, and other marginalized groups.

“The Bellagio Center is singular in its ability to attract and connect leaders who change the world,” said Sarah Geisenheimer, Vice President of Convenings & Networks at The Rockefeller Foundation. “We are looking forward to receiving applications for our 2025 residency program from thinkers and doers working on breakthrough solutions to address the climate crisis and build vibrant connected and resilient societies.”

The Bellagio Center Impact

Former residents include Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, former Deputy Chief Justice of South Africa Dikgang Moseneke, renowned author Maya Angelou, and former president of Ireland Mary Robinson. The Bellagio Center also has a long history of convening the very best in their fields to solve the world’s most pressing problems, including convenings that led to the Global AIDS Vaccine Initiative and changing the course of philanthropy with “impact investing” in 2007. You can see the full list of 2023 residents here.

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