Matter of Impact

Matter of Impact

In Matter of Impact, we intend to cast a close eye on a single topic or issue with short features, video, and case studies.

Latest Issue:

  • ISSUE 07

    The Road to Glasgow & the Imperative for a Green Energy Transition

    As the world moves toward containing Covid-19, we face a tangle of problems. How do we together recover from the pandemic-triggered financial crisis while tackling the menace of climate change and simultaneously putting equity first to close the growing and dangerous gap between wealthy and poor nations and peoples?
  • ISSUE 06

    Can Technology Be Optimized for Equity and Opportunity?

    Companies use detailed behavioral information every day to direct products and services to individuals. What if this approach were applied to maximize social good instead of private revenue? This quarter’s Matter of Impact explores how the properly tailored technology can improve and save lives across a wide spectrum.
  • ISSUE 05

    Making Opportunity Universal

    A global recovery must put justice and parity at its heart
  • Issue 04

    Forget the New Normal: Let’s Head to an Inclusive Future

    Covid laid bare, once again, deep systemic inequities that create barriers to healthy diets and dignified work, education and even internet access. In a post-Covid world, a sustainable recovery must have justice and parity at its heart, both in the U.S. and globally.
  • Issue 03

    Powering a Green and Equitable Recovery

    In this third edition of Matter of Impact we share insights and highlight initiatives from our global Power & Climate program.
  • Issue 02

    The Way Forward: Gender Equity by Design

    In this second edition of our online magazine Matter of Impact, we focus on the ongoing work to achieve gender equity.
  • Issue 01

    America’s Overdue Reckoning with Racial Disparity

    In the first edition of our new online magazine, Matter of Impact, we examine the enduring racial disparities that the Covid-19 crisis has made all the more glaringly obvious. And demanding of our attention.

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