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See and hear our grantees, partners, and team in action
Feb 13 2024
CNN Academy
CNN Academy's new climate storytelling program aims to give voice to the communities most affected by climate change. #CNNacademy
Jan 04 2024
Our Summer Associates Change the World
Whether it is reinventing food systems to eradicate hunger or ending energy poverty, we are excited to engage with students who want to reimagine our future and contribute to our goal of making opportunity universal and sustainable.
Nov 20 2023
Spoken Word Artist and Master Composter Marvin Hayes
Spoken word artist and master composter Marvin Hayes, Director of the Baltimore Compost Collective, performs one of his pieces of work around the importance of composting and environmental justice.
Nov 20 2023
Food Rescue Work in Baltimore
Matt Burke, Founder and Executive Director of Food Rescue Baltimore, talks about the environmental impacts of food waste and why food rescue work is important.
Oct 16 2023
Frontline Voices on Climate Change
Here are some additional voices from the Building Bridges convening, discussing climate change impacts and the importance of engaging communities in climate resilience and adaptation.
Oct 12 2023
How to Grow Rice in an Era of Climate Change
Prof. Avishek Datta of the Asia Institute of Technology discusses a new project supported by The Rockefeller Foundation to identify the most carbon-efficient methods of rice cultivation.
Oct 03 2023
Bangkok’s Sky Park
Prof. Dr. Niramon Serisakul, director and co-founder of the The Rockefeller Foundation grantee the Urban Development and Design Center, describes how the local community participated in developing the idea for the Chao Phraya Sky Park, which spans the river and links central Bangkok to an historic neighborhood.