Jan 23 2024
Mikala Parnell
Mikala Parnell joined The Rockefeller Foundation in 2023 as the Project 55 Fellow on the Innovation team. In her role, she works across the Innovation portfolio to support team operations, …
Oct 11 2022
Vivian Peng
Vivian Peng has been a Lead Data Scientist for The Rockefeller Foundation’s Innovation team since 2021 where she specializes in applied machine learning. Her leading work includes projects with the …
Mar 28 2022
Carly Lanning
Since 2021, Carly Lanning has worked as the Innovation team’s Storytelling and Content Strategy Manager. In this role, she manages and creates a diversity of Innovation team editorial projects – …
Oct 25 2021
Michelle Leonard
Michelle Leonard serves as the Director of Data Science for Innovation at The Rockefeller Foundation, where she leads a team of AI experts focused on developing innovative data solutions that …
May 12 2021
Nicole Rasul
Nicole Rasul is an Innovation Manager at The Rockefeller Foundation where she contributes to shaping and executing the Foundation’s New Frontiers initiative. Her work has included research, incubation grantmaking, and …
Oct 15 2020
Lucia Zhou
As an Innovation Lead, Lucia Zhou works across functions to implement and sustain a diverse spectrum of key Innovation initiatives and relationships. In addition to managing a portion of the …
Jul 14 2020
Andrew Sweet
Andrew Sweet is the Vice President of Innovation at The Rockefeller Foundation where he directs the AI partnerships and strategy portfolio. Andrew joined The Rockefeller Foundation in March 2020 to …
Jan 08 2020
Doris Sullivan
As Managing Director for Innovation, Doris oversees both the team’s operations and influence, and the data science portfolio of funded partners and in-house practice. The data science portfolio leverages AI, …
Jul 09 2019
Tasnuva Orchi
Tasnuva Orchi is a Senior Associate on the Data Science Team at The Rockefeller Foundation. With a background in data visualization, natural language processing, and statistical analysis, Tasnuva helps support …
Mar 15 2017
Zia Khan
Zia Khan is the Senior Vice President for Innovation at The Rockefeller Foundation where he leads the Foundation’s work at new frontiers of ideas, coalitions, and solutions. He joined the …