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Kevin O’Neil

Director, Data & Technology, The Rockefeller Foundation

Kevin O’Neil is Director of Data and Technology at The Rockefeller Foundation, where he leads the Foundation’s work on digital public goods, government use of technology, and frontier topics. Kevin previously led a Rockefeller Foundation team that researched and developed new Foundation initiatives and provided evidence for major strategic decisions across the Foundation’s portfolio.

Kevin has been a research fellow at the University of Cape Town, a fellow of the Thomas J. Watson Foundation, and a policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, and served as a firefighter on four continents. He holds a PhD in Population Science and Public Affairs from Princeton University and a BA in Economics from Swarthmore College.

Authored Content

  • Mar 27 2020
    Blog Post For Social Services, Operating Digitally Is Critical to COVID-19 Resilience Over three million workers filed new claims for unemployment insurance in the United States this past week, representing a record-breaking surge in economic need as the COVID-19 pandemic forced families into seclusion. Even as the need grew, the pandemic forced government and private social services to close their offices, disrupting the normal channels people use […] Durva Trivedi, Kevin O'Neil
  • Dec 18 2019
    Blog Post Fighting poverty by modernizing the tax filing system The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is one of the most effective ways of combatting poverty and inequality in the United States. The EITC supplements the earnings of low-income workers, especially for those supporting children. Last year over 25 million Americans tax filers received an average EITC of about $2,500 according to the IRS. For […]
  • Dec 10 2019
    Blog Post Unlocking the Power of Open Source for Government Digital goods — a video, a song, a book, a network configuration, etc. —  can be duplicated an unlimited number of times at near-zero marginal cost. This is what economists call “non-rivalry.” A digital good need only be created once, and every subsequent sale brings nearly pure profit. Non-rivalry has led to some previously unimaginable […]
  • Oct 21 2019
    Blog Post The Social Safety Net Gets an Upgrade from Benefits Data Trust Data science has transformed the ways we make, invest and spend our money, consume information, and conduct our lives in the modern economy. But now it’s time for data science to improve the ways we take care of one another, starting with our social safety net. We’re excited to be supporting the Benefit Data Trust […]
  • Jul 11 2019
    Blog Post The Transport Revolution Will Be Digitized It’s time for cities to build their digital transport infrastructure to ensure a more efficient, sustainable and equitable future for their residents. From ride-sharing to dock-less scooters to autonomous vehicles, the way we move around cities is fundamentally changing. The tools cities use to ensure movement is safe, orderly, sustainable, and equitable need to change, […]
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