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Latest Grantee Impact Stories

Feb 20 2023
Global School Meal Leaders Gear Up for a Tough Year
Whether their schools serve creamed soup, curried goat, rice and beans, or pita bread sandwiches, whether they operate by seashore or in a city or a desert, one point received universal agreement: school meals accomplish a lot at once.
Feb 15 2023
Stopping a Covid-19 Surge With Last-Mile Testing
Project ACT is a public-private partnership that provides a Covid-19 testing channel for overburdened state health departments while empowering individuals and building community confidence in public health systems.
Nov 10 2022
Helping Veterans With Produce Prescriptions
Produce prescriptions are helping veteran Kenny A. Joyner of North Carolina fight degenerative disc and joint disease. He says it’s better than drugs, because it takes care of underlying issues.