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Latest Grantee Impact Stories

May 14 2020
Cities on the Frontline: GRCN
January was drawing to a close when Lauren Sorkin reached out to her colleagues in Huangshi to wish them a happy Chinese New Year. But instead of the traditional greeting …
May 12 2020
Protecting Kenya’s Slums
How to Protect Densely Populated Slums from Covid-19     Hand-washing is a challenge and social distancing impossible in the Nairobi shantytown of Kibera, the largest urban slum in Africa. Often, eight people …
Apr 02 2020
Using Data to Bring Light to the Last Mile
Some of the most exciting energy innovations today, from pendulum power to gravity lights, are being implemented down isolated dirt roads or across remote grasslands to communities living along the …
Mar 30 2020
Digitizing Community Health in Jaipur
Through our Precision Public Health initiative, the Health team traveled to rural Rajasthan in November 2019 with our partner UNICEF, to learn from health workers, community members and local officials …