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Food insecurity among children is rising fast, slowing cognitive and physical development. Nutritious school meals are the world’s most extensive social safety net. Our approach is to attract stakeholder commitments, shape program designs, support governments, and ensure school meal programs are climate-conscious.

Backing Better Nutrition in African Schools

Watch to learn more about the impact of expanding school meals and switching to fortified whole grains for school children in Africa.

Why it Matters

School meals more than pay for themselves. They improve attendance and academic performance, and allow kids to develop healthy and productive lives for themselves and their communities.

    people are undernourished globally, an increase of ~150M since 2019


    of children in pre-school have micronutrient deficiencies


    return on investment in longterm individual and community impact for every dollar invested in school meals

  • Report

    True Cost of Food: School Meals Case Study

    School meals provide critical nutrition for 30 million children and their families across America. When children have their basic needs met, they are healthier and they learn better. For them, school meals often provide the healthiest food they have access to each day and a foundation for their wellbeing and long-term success.
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