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Kagwiria Koome

Manager, Food Initiative, The Rockefeller Foundation

Kagwiria Koome is an international development practitioner with extensive experience in design and execution of programs that advance improved livelihoods. At the Rockefeller Foundation, she manages a high-impact grant portfolio in agriculture with a focus on transforming food systems to deliver nutritious foods while protecting the environment. Kagwiria’ s previous work at the Foundation included a focus on the health sector and has worked in East and West Africa. Prior to joining the Rockefeller Foundation, Kagwiria was a management consultant advising development institutions and governments on strategy planning, program design and investment across Africa with a focus on the health sector. Kagwiria received an LLB from Keele University and a Master’s in International Development from University of East Anglia.

Authored Content

  • Jul 31 2020
    Blog Post Inspiring Glimpses of Tomorrow's African Food Systems Visionaries from across Africa—including Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Tanzania—responded to an invitation to imagine a more nourishing and resilient food future for 2050. The Rockefeller Foundation launched the Food System Vision Prize to enable people and communities to be protagonists in their own food futures. Of the 1300 visions submitted, 76 […] Kagwiria Koome, Peiman Milani
  • Jun 11 2020
    Blog Post How Kenya Plans to Safely Dispose of Waste During the Covid-19 Pandemic Covid-19 has reached Kenya, with more than 3,000 cases recorded as of June 10, 2020. Since the first case was confirmed on March 13, Kenya has taken multiple steps to stem the spread of the virus: instituting a nationwide curfew, isolating the Nairobi Metropolitan Area and three coastal counties, introducing various hygiene measures such as […] Daniel Paffenholz, Kagwiria Koome
  • May 13 2020
    Blog Post In Kenya, Two Heroes Weathering the Covid-19 Storm Together Billian Okoth and Alloys Mbogo live 125 kilometers apart in Kenya and have never met each other. However, they are fighting the effects of Covid-19 together, through an unusual partnership between farmers who cannot bring their fruit to market and a hungry community in need. They say, “To whom much is given much is expected.” […] Kagwiria Koome
  • Aug 08 2019
    Blog Post Agriculture Is Cool and the Old Generation Still Rock This is a photo series from my recent trip to Central and Eastern Kenya, where I visited mango farmers who benefit from the YieldWise Initiative, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. The goal of Yieldwise is to reduce post-harvest losses by 50%. Farmers are encouraged to work in groups to increase their bargaining power, access to […] Kagwiria Koome
  • Sep 11 2017
    Blog Post Improving Farmer and Processor Profit Margins with NRICassavaBags Last year, The Rockefeller Foundation began to tackle a major African food security challenge: the problem of cassava spoilage. Fresh cassava roots rot exceptionally quickly. With deterioration starting between 24-72 hours post-harvest, and up to 40 percent of cassava lost to spoilage. This is a big problem for the half-a-billion people that rely on the […] Amira Bliss, Kagwiria Koome
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