Betty Kibaara

DirectorFood, The Rockefeller Foundation

Betty Kibaara is a Director in the Food Initiative at The Rockefeller Foundation, Africa Region Office. At the Foundation, Betty leads the Foundations investments in transforming food systems specifically investments in innovations on smart food markets for the future, increasing access to nutritious foods through instructional procurement. What is more, she is also advancing insect-based feed for improved nutrition.

Betty led the implementation of the YieldWise Initiative to reduce food loss in Maize (Tanzania), Mangoes (Kenya) and Cassava and Tomato value chains to improve livelihoods for the smallholder farmers. She serves as the regional champion for the Foundations initiatives in strengthening food security, agribusiness, and resilience to the devastating effects of climate change to enable real, sustainable, and equitable economic growth.

Betty Chairs the Technical Working Group that is working towards the re-export of the Kenyan Mangoes to the EU and UK. Betty firmly believes that there is no food system transformation without transformation of the fresh produce markets in Africa”. Before joining the Rockefeller Foundation in 2009, Betty worked as a Research Fellow at the Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy and Development, Egerton University. Ms. Kibaara holds a Master of Science degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University, USA and a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management, Egerton University, Kenya.

Authored Content

  • Sep 21 2021
    Perspective A Waste of Watermelon and a Toolkit To Help End Food Loss I grew up in a small farm in eastern Kenya. My family planted various crops, hoping to boost our income. On one occasion, an extension agent brought us some seeds in a sophisticated package. I later learnt from my mother that they were watermelon seeds. “Plant these; they will make you rich,” the extension agent […] Betty Kibaara, Kagwiria Koome
  • Jun 10 2020
    Perspective Using Real-Time Data Analysis to Adapt in Moments of Crisis: A Lesson in Reducing Post-Harvest Loss Across Africa The Covid-19 global pandemic has lain bare many vulnerabilities in our current systems, from a lack of equity and economic opportunity to the weaknesses of our food supply chains. As the world moves to address the pandemic’s effects, listening to the stakeholders and intended beneficiaries can yield important insights on how to adapt and refine […] Betty Kibaara
  • Jun 09 2020
    Grantee Impact Story Mobile Solutions to Reduce Crop Loss in Africa YieldWise is The Rockefeller Foundation’s $130 million initiative working with private, public, and nonprofit actors involved in the food supply system to cut their food loss and waste by half. From how smallholder farmers harvest and bring crops to market, to reducing corporate losses across supply chains, to corporate losses across supply chains, all the […] Betty Kibaara
  • May 22 2020
    Perspective Covid-19 & Smart Food Markets for the Future Nothing excites me more than visiting an open-air market and sampling some succulent, juicy pineapple, or a yellow-ripe sweet banana amidst small chit-chat with the friendly women vendors. These pleasantries are no longer the norm. With all of us wearing masks, I can hardly recognize my vendors and they cannot make out their customers. I […] Betty Kibaara
  • Feb 10 2020
    Perspective Komesha Fruit Fly Campaign: An Innovative Partnership to Increase Consumption of Mangoes in Kenya In January, The Rockefeller Foundation’s Food Initiative launched the Komesha Fruit Fly Campaign, a partnership with the Government of Kenya, USAID, Research Triangle Institute and others to support fruit fly control and create pest-free areas to reduce post-harvest losses in mangos. “Komesha” is a Swahili word for stop or destroy. Agriculture is an important subsector […] Betty Kibaara

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