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Apr 05 2021
One for All: An Action Plan for Financing Global Vaccination and Sustainable Growth
The pandemic cannot be contained and the rebuilding cannot fully begin until the virus is halted in every country. For this reason, we must act swiftly to achieve a global vaccination rate of up to 70 percent by the end of 2022. This Action Plan, the first in a series, highlights three mutually reinforcing goals leveraging the power of existing multilateral financial architecture.
Health Global
Mar 26 2021
A Nourishing, Regenerative Tomorrow
The Rockefeller Foundation announced the Food System Vision Prize in October 2019, issuing a call to disparate global food system actors to unite, source and support positive Visions for our …
Food Global
Mar 19 2021
How We Cultivated Systems Change
The Rockefeller Foundation’s Food System Vision Prize invited changemakers from across the globe to dream, plan, and act bigger to transform the future of food by 2050. Our Final Report captures the current moment of the Food System Vision Prize looking both backwards and forwards, drawing on the cumulative lessons and accomplishments of this initiative to mobilize a movement for food systems change. 
Food Global
Mar 03 2021
Modernizing Access to the Safety Net
The social safety net in the United States is meant to not only give people in need the means to get by, but is an investment in a humane and …
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