Bellagio Residents/

Stephen Rogerson

March 2022 Cohort

Bellagio Residency: March 2022

Project: “Antibody biomarkers of human malaria infection that identify protective immunity or that correlate with recent exposure to infection”

​​Stephen Rogerson is a leading malaria research specialist who coordinates ACREME, a network of malaria researchers focused on regional malaria elimination in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Rogerson has written about malaria in young children and pregnant women, immunity to malaria, how malaria affects placental function, and other related topics for over 200 publications. He visited Bellagio in March 2022 to research and develop guidelines for future studies aimed at uncovering markers for malaria exposure found in protective immune and antibody responses. Rogerson is a Professor of Medicine in the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Doherty Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia.