Bellagio Residents/

Robert Greenstein

September 2022 Cohort

Bellagio Residency: September 2022

Project: “Lessons of Recent Decades for Strengthening the U.S. Safety Net in Effective and Enduring Ways”

Robert Greenstein founded the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) in 1981, served as its President through 2020, and is now at Brookings. Greenstein has played a major role in expanding income and other supports for low-income people such as increasing food stamps, the Earned income Tax Credit, and the Child Tax Credit. Greenstein came to Bellagio in September 2022 to work on a project examining the recent history of U.S. social programs with an eye to informing how to design a permanent expansion of the Child Tax Credit so it both maximizes poverty reduction and has a better chance of being enacted into law. Greenstein has received a MacArthur Fellowship and the Heinz Award for Public Policy.