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Lesly Goh

October 2023 Cohort

Bellagio Residency: October 2023

Project: “Innovation Hub to Maximize Biodiversity Benefits for Building Green Economies”

Lesly Goh is a distinguished international policy advisor working to leverage data and technology innovations in emerging markets in FinTech, AgTech, Climate, and Digital Transformation in Government. She visited Bellagio in October 2023 to design an innovation ecosystem with a multi-stakeholder partnership for carbon sequestration, exploring the benefits of biodiversity to achieve the triple win — healthy people, healthy planet, and healthy economy. Lesly is a senior technical advisor and former chief technology officer at the World Bank Group. She is also a current Fulbright Specialist, a Fellow at the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, and a Senior Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

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