Bellagio Residents/

Cathy O’Neil

July 2023 Cohort

Bellagio Residency: July 2023

Project: “Better AI in Education: Fostering fairness and inclusivity in algorithms used in educational settings”

Cathy O’Neil is a distinguished mathematician, data scientist, and author of the New York Times best-selling book, Weapons of Math Destruction. Her other titles include Doing Data Science (2013), and The Shame Machine: Who Profits In The New Age Of Humiliation (2022). Cathy visited Bellagio in July 2023 to work on a joint project with Meredith Broussard to explore algorithmic audits for educational systems and develop policy recommendations. She is currently the CEO of ORCAA, an algorithmic auditing company that helps regulators and private companies set standards for accountability in algorithmic contexts.