Carly Lanning

Storytelling ManagerInnovation, The Rockefeller Foundation

Since 2021, Carly Lanning has worked as the Innovation team’s Storytelling and Content Strategy Manager. In this role, she manages and creates a diversity of Innovation team editorial projects – including reporting on the impactful, amazing work of the Innovation team’s grantees.

Before landing at The Rockefeller Foundation, Carly worked as a storytelling and editorial manager for clients including YouTube, Harper Collins, Comixology, and more. For five years, she worked with YouTube as their first Culture and Trends Expert where she researched and wrote about the formation of trends and communities across the platform to inform larger brand intiatives.

Outside of her work with The Rockefeller Foundation, Carly continues to work as a freelance features journalist. She’s also the founder of Voices Editorial, a communication consultancy providing trauma-informed storytelling services to organizations and individuals working with trauma-impacted populations.

Authored Content

  • Sep 16 2022
    Grantee Impact Story Fighting Together To End Forced Labor and Modern Slavery When Kristen Leanderson Abrams, Senior Director for Combatting Human Trafficking at the McCain Institute, received an email from 17 Rooms asking her to co-lead a discussion on partnerships with a prominent financial investor, she was curious, but a tad dubious. Convened since 2018 through a partnership between The Brookings Institution and The Rockefeller Foundation, 17 […] Carly Lanning