Bruce Gellin, MD, MPH

Senior Vice President/Chief of Global Public Health StrategyHealth, The Rockefeller Foundation

Bruce Gellin, MD, MPH, is the Chief of Global Public Health Strategy for The Rockefeller Foundation’s pandemic prevention initiative. In this role, he advances the development and execution of the strategic vision for global public health and pandemic prevention work. He is a key member of the team building a pandemic prevention institute that aims to avert future pandemics by identifying and responding to the earliest alerts of a disease outbreak and stopping it in the first 100 days.

One of the world’s premier vaccine and infectious disease experts, Dr. Gellin brings extensive experience and expertise in global public health to his role at the Foundation. Previously, Dr. Gellin served as Warren Weaver Fellow at the Foundation from 1991-1992, working on several projects including the launch of the Children’s Vaccine Initiative to ensure children throughout the world are immunized. Throughout his distinguished career, he has held numerous positions leading and advising on global immunization, strategic policy development, and pandemic preparedness and response at national, multinational, non-governmental, and institutional organizations and entities.

  • He has led key federal vaccine initiatives, including developing the National Vaccine Plan at HHS, creating the HHS’s first pandemic influenza preparedness and response plan, and representing the U.S. government on the research and development focus of the Decade of Vaccines Collaboration. He continues to carry this work forward as a member of the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine Consensus Study on Global Influenza Vaccination Coordination.
  • At a global level, he has consulted as a technical expert to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and serves as a key advisor to the WHO on global immunization and vaccination. His work with the WHO includes advising on influenza vaccines and vaccine hesitancy issues, chairing the WHO’s Global Action Plan for Influenza Vaccines Advisory Group, and serving as a member of both the WHO Expert Advisory Group on SAGE Evaluation and the WHO Working Group on Influenza Preparedness and Response.

Dr. Gellin has spent decades driving forward critical work to protect the lives of millions across the country and globe from the threat of infectious diseases through effective, equitable vaccination and immunization strategies. Most recently, he served as the inaugural President of Global Immunization at the Sabin Vaccine Institute and is currently a member of the COVAX Independent Allocation of Vaccines Group.


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