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Inclusive Economies

Ensuring prosperity is more broadly shared, especially among those facing the greatest barriers to opportunity.

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What If?

For generations, our economy has enabled people to dream big dreams and work hard to achieve them. Today, our economy seems to work for the benefit of those at the very top. But what if we turned today’s exclusive economy into a more inclusive economy—one with more opportunities for more people?

Bringing this vision to life will require transformation at the deepest layers of our economic systems and at the highest levels of business, government, and civil society. Many of the policies and practices that have worked in the past aren’t working for us now. We need total system innovation, from disrupting the ways wealth is generated and distributed to changing corporate behavior to better serve employees’ range of needs.

Doing so will advance a more inclusive economy where more people have access to more opportunities, equal shots at success, and the freedom to define what success looks like for themselves.

What if that was the world we lived in today?


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Inclusive Economies

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