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Women for Results: New Solutions for Communities Facing a Changing Climate

At COP 20 in Lima Peru, the U.N. Framework for the Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) showcased 12 climate solutions making a real difference in communities around the world as part of its Momentum for Change initiative.

Three of these solutions are directly linked to The Rockefeller Foundation-funded Women for Results pillar within the initiative, which focuses on unique ways in which women worldwide act as change agents in alleviating the negative effects of climate change.

See how women are employing innovative technologies and processes to produce clean energy and technology transformations in both Thailand and Indonesia through this year’s Lighthouse Activity Awards.

One winning solution is storm resistant housing in Da Nang, Vietnam. In 2013, Typhoon Nari caused $41 million dollars of monumental damages in Vietnam—$4.6 million of which directly related to homes. The homes built with support from Vietnam Women’s Union in Da Nang, however, were unaffected. The Women’s Union in Da Nang administers a revolving loan to make their homes resistant to storms. The Building Storm-resistant Houses initiative, also supported through The Rockefeller Foundation’s Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN), has helped hundreds of lower-income households rebuild and repair their houses. Three hundred twenty households have reinforced or reconstructed their homes in the first three years and up to 420 households will have made their homes resistant to typhoons and floods by 2017.

The Rockefeller Foundation proudly supports the Momentum for Change initiative and congratulates all the 2014 Lighthouse Activity Award Winners.

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