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Transformation Often Begins With a Single Conversation

Keisha Senter — Former Sr. Associate Director


Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to be in rooms with high-level leaders where critical issues are being discussed. Often, I feel a mixture of emotions. First, incredibly inspired by the dynamic ideas that are being shared and eager to do my part to help. But also, a feeling that something, or someone, is missing from the dialogue—key voices, experiences and backgrounds that could make solutions so much stronger and more inclusive.

I’m willing to bet that it’s happened to so many of us across industries, leadership levels, and organizations: that awkward feeling of realizing how lucky you are to be in the room while also knowing that others should be there too.

I’m fortunate, also, to work at an organization that gets it. At The Rockefeller Foundation, we know that not everyone has the ability to participate in conversations that shape global action. We take our philanthropic responsibility seriously, and whenever possible, strive to share and act on this knowledge in ways that serve a broader community of change-makers and potential beneficiaries.

Still, we see a need to make those conversations more public from the start.

Today we launched Insight Dialogues, a live event and digital content series focused on sparking global conversations and action around the most pressing global challenges of our time. Joined by some of the world’s greatest leaders—across different fields and backgrounds—we will seek to uncover new ideas and innovations, and then spark action through our networks around the globe.

Looking Ahead

The series will kick off on May 17th with Robin Wright, award-winning actress and star of the Netflix political drama House of Cards.  She will discuss gender equality, her advocacy work in the Congo, and a new film When Elephants Fight, which she narrates, about the lives of those affected by conflict in the region.


Then on June 23rd we will welcome Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creative mind behind In the Heights and Hamilton, and a recipient of the 2015 MacArthur Genius Award and a Pulitzer Prize. Throughout the year, we will host even more dynamic leaders from technology, philanthropy, government, and business.


The conversation won’t end when the final question is answered, the lights go dim, and the cameras are wheeled away. Indeed, our very business of philanthropy depends on turning good ideas into innovations and interventions that transform people’s lives. To this end, we’ll be sharing the rich, interactive content we believe people need to act on the ideas they hear.

We want your ideas.

We want your unique perspective. Quite simply, we want you in the room, wherever you are in the world. Our president Judith Rodin said it best, “many transformations begin with a single great conversation.”

We hope you will join us.

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