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Lessons From a Twitter Chat

On March 27, nearly 200 tweeps participated in the #RF100 Access to Healthy Food Twitter Chat helping to identify pressing challenges related to access to healthy food in developing world markets.

A two-hour long Q&A session with practitioners across the globe helped to broaden the Foundation’s understanding of the issue surrounding access to healthy food across the globe. The questions focused on the barriers to access, opportunities for solutions, changes in consumer behavior and the role various stakeholders can play in building a more complete food system, including each of us as consumers.

Participants’ contributions helped us think about access to healthy food in a more holistic manner, starting at the source with empowering farmers through improved transport and storage options, establishing direct relationships between farmers and consumers that improve economic gains on both sides, and looking beyond simply the food sector for answers to the access question.

We will be convening some of the key contributors to the Twitter Chat this Thursday on April 25 from 9 to 10am EST via Google Hangout, with Managing Director, Claudia Juech, where we will build on what we’ve learned thus far and dig deeper into a few key areas. Visit The Rockefeller Foundation’s Google+ profile this Thursday to view the livestream and learn more about this critical issue.

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