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Innovative Partners: The Rockefeller Foundation and Thailand

Today, The Rockefeller Foundation releases the third book in its Centennial publications series, Innovative Partners: The Rockefeller Foundation and Thailand.

For nearly a century, The Rockefeller Foundation and its Thai partners have been engaged in an innovative partnership to promote the well-being of the people of Thailand. From the battle against hookworm and other diseases to the development of rice biotechnology and agriculture, the lessons learned from this publication offer powerful insights into the process of development.

The book also delves deeply into the uniquely intertwined relationship among The Rockefeller Foundation, the Thai Royal Family, the government, and the people of Thailand that has led to such a successful collaboration.

As we celebrate our 100th anniversary here at The Rockefeller Foundation, we realize how much we can learn from the past to ensure that we and our many partners in philanthropy continue to provide the social venture capital  needed to solve big problems in the future. In the next century, we look forward to our continued partnership with Thailand.

This book is just one of six that the Foundation is releasing over the course of this year. We have already released one focused on the Foundation’s role in shaping modern philanthropy, titled Beyond Charity, and one focused on the lessons learned from our work in the field of agriculture, titled Food & Prosperity. Still to come are books on lessons learned from our work in the field of health, as well as books exploring the Foundation’s work in Africa and the United States. In addition, a version of Innovative Partners translated into Thai will be available later this year.

Download the publication for your computer or mobile device.

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