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The Digital Storyteller’s Toolkit: A Primer

Last month, we released the Digital Storytelling for Social Impact report, and we’ve been wonderfully overwhelmed with email, Tweets, and comments on the research. All of this feedback clearly demonstrates a pressing need and excitement around digital storytelling in the social sector, and we’re excited to kick-off the implementation phase this week.

We’ve also been asked if there was more information or research that didn’t make it into the final report that we’d be willing to share, particularly any insights on the digital media landscape. Our lead grantee on the research, Hattaway Communications, assembled an introductory digital storytelling platform assessment that may be useful to the sector. The draft of the assessment is embedded below, and covers insights on email, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn), video and audio (YouTube, Vine, Vimeo, and Podbean), curation tools (Flipboard, Pocket, Pinterest, and Storify), and some new or experimental opportunities (Medium, Glossi, Tactilize, and Cowbird).

As noted, this draft assessment was an initial attempt to pull together a high-level overview of the many digital tools and platforms available, and examples of how social impact organizations are utilizing them.

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