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Dewetta & Aigner: “Your Worth is Like Gold to Me”

Laura Gordon - Former Managing Director

As we at The Rockefeller Foundation work to advance inclusive economies that expand opportunities for more broadly shared prosperity—and, specifically, address the global employment crisis—we are devoting a lot of thought to a simple but critically important question: what makes a “good” job?

As important as it is for people around the world to have access to employment, it’s become increasingly clear that just any job won’t do. In the United States, for example, over 32 percent of working families were considered part of the “working poor” in 2011, up from 28 percent in 2007. In order to bring about a truly inclusive economy, we need jobs that lead to lasting stability and security. These kind of jobs—good jobs—help employees to do their best work without fear of falling backward into poverty, and allow their employers to reap the benefit of increased productivity.

“Over 32 percent of working families were considered part of the ‘working poor.'”

Dewetta Logan, owner of Smart Beginnings Early Learning Center found this out firsthand, after she got frustrated that she couldn’t retain talented staff members for her daycare serving families in the low-income neighborhood of West Philadelphia.

In a conversation shared with the award-winning storytelling project StoryCorps, Dewetta spoke to employee Aigner Warring about the importance of staff paid leave—and how many of the families with children at her center don’t always have the same advantage.

*This StoryCorps story was produced by Eve Claxton and Xandra Clark. Photography by Sarah Shatz and music, “Light Touch,” by Podington Bear.

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