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Crowdsourcing Ideas for Greener Cities

A version of this post originally appeared on 100 Resilient Cities.

Green cities are resilient cities. We asked the 100 Resilient Cities community to share what their cities need to increase their resilience against shocks and stresses, and not surprisingly, many of them had to do with sustainability and environmental concerns. This Earth Day, take a look at some of the thought-provoking responses you shared:


“My city needs a lot of trees, trees that will absorb pollution, reduce storm water run-off and flooding during rains.” – Raj M. (Kolkata, India)

“We need Kajiado to bounce back by abolishing sand harvesting and charcoal burning. We need to preserve our natural resources.” – Andrew Ngongoni, Director of the Maasai Rural Development Initiative (Kajiado, Kenya)

“A World Bank study says Santo Domingo remains to be one of the five cities of the world most affected by climate change by 2050 (after Alexandria, Barranquilla, Naples, and Sapporo)… We need more investment needed in flood control that will not harm the environment and prepare for changes in the volume and frequency of rainfall.” – David Arias Rodriguez (Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic)


“My city needs to realistically account for how all new developments will increase water demand. We need integrated infrastructure and smart water management systems. We need green infrastructure to catch more rainfall and allow it to replenish our aquifer. We need to stop subsidizing golf courses and implement serious fines for water wastage. We need an economy that doesn’t depend on endless growth.” – Forest R. (Albuquerque, USA)

Cape Town

“My city needs ecological resilience. Not only in terms of conservation but for human safety, as we make use of clean drinking water, building materials (wood, thatch) and food.” – Charlotte P. (Cape Town, South Africa)

Los Angeles

“LA needs bicycle lanes that are safe from traffic to encourage and support the growing biking culture.” – Francine A. (Los Angeles, USA)

“Metro Manila needs more sustainable programs to create a balance between a thriving environment and big businesses. Sadly, it seems that the latter is being given more priority. The metro needs more trees and areas devoted to them instead of concreting all available open spaces. More importantly, the government has to make resiliency and the environment a top priority.” – GM Muring (Metro Manila, Philippines)

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